Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Story of a Man

This is the story of a man.  He is no ordinary man.  He is my very close friend and current Portland Trailblazer Seth Tarver.  Yeah, that's right.  I'm name droppin'.  My best friend is an NBA superstar....nbd. Ok, so he may not be a superstar....YET.  In fact, he is only currently on the pre-season roster, but I believe in him and I know God is going to do His thing on His behalf.

Before I get into his testimony, I need to share with those of you who don't know Seth at all a little bit about his character.  Because I know he would never make any boast or brag about himself, I feel it is my duty to do it for him.

This may turn into an incredibly long list, so you can skip to the end if you want to, but here it goes.  Seth is totally down for the Lord, incredibly humble, completely truthful, a true gentleman, a huge reason why I am who I am today, EXTREMELY corny yet still hilarious, exceptionally hard-working, infinitely fair-minded, and most importantly...a fierce, FIERCE friend.  (Yes, I did just quote Dumbledore from Harry Potter 4 just now....moving on).  He played basketball the last four years at Oregon State and has major aspirations to play in the NBA.

I was talking on the phone with Seth earlier today and asked him what his most memorable encounter with the Lord was.  I am going to attempt to relay that story right now.

Seth showed up to Grace City Church in Corvallis right at the end of his senior year of college (only a few months ago).  There was a guest speaker that day at the church who Seth has since called the most prophetic man he had ever been around.  I don't know the guys' name and I didn't bother to ask Seth, so I apologize for that.  Anyway, before the service started, the man asked one of Seth's friends whom he had brought to church that day if he could pray for him.  After receiving a welcoming reply, the man prayed for Seth's friend (who I don't believe was even a Christian at the time) and spoke God's word over his life.  He described things about his past, things that only God would know.  He "read his mail" and absolutely rocked the young mans' life (whom I also know but did not interview for this blog) to the point to where he is on fire for the Lord right now because of it.  Essentially, the guest speaker's prophetic words over Seth's friend proved not only God's existence, but also God's deep, passionate, PERSONAL love for him.  This was all a big deal to Seth too because he had been talking to this particular friend about God for basically the last four years.

After hearing all of this stuff being spoken over his friend and seeing the drastic impact it was having, Seth immediately threw up a prayer to God that went something along the lines of: "God, please make this dude pray for me too today."  Sure enough, Seth's prayer was answered when after the service the man asked Seth if he could pray for him as well.

The prophetic speaker basically just spoke on God's behalf, telling Seth things that only God would know.  He recounted every event in Seth's college career in detail.  For instance, the man spoke to Seth in depth about having nagging injuries throughout his entire basketball career at Oregon State (Seth did indeed suffer many such injuries including plantar fasciitis that limited his playing ability greatly).  He commented on Seth having issues with coaches.  He spoke about the times that these things occurred and remarked on the effects these things were having on Seth.

I understand that simply KNOWING something about someone is not very special.  Even if it is impossible for someone else to know, yet somehow they still know, the only thing that does is provide something to stand in awe about, but it doesn't actually help lead them or encourage them at all.  Thankfully, that is not all that God does.  The great part about this prophetic encounter Seth had (and almost every other prophetic encounter for that matter) is that the prophet delivering God's word doesn't stop at just stating what God knows about you.....he continues on to relay what GOD THINKS ABOUT ALL OF IT and WHAT GOD IS GOING TO DO ABOUT IT.

God, speaking to and through this prophetic man, did not stop at acknowledging these things concerning Seth, but he went on to tell Seth what He thought about all of it and what He was going to do about all of it.  In regards to the nagging injuries, God told Seth that he saw him struggling with all of the injuries that limited him greatly, but that He was going to make Seth be able to play freely again, without injury.  God told Seth that he saw him being lied to and dealing with unfair treatment and all of this stuff, but that HE would never lie to him and would never let him down.  He also talked about the disappointment Seth felt with his basketball play during his course of college.  Seth was a premier player coming out of high school and was expected to perform at a much higher level than he was able to at Oregon State.  Seth himself was disappointed in his college career, and God knew it.  Being the great Father that He is though, God encouraged Seth greatly through this man.  The man told Seth that God was going to do far more than he imagined for Seth with basketball.  I don't know what everyone thinks, but to hear God say that He is going to do far more than you can imagine in a particular area of life that is direly important to you is kind of a big deal.

Only a few short months after this all went down, Seth is now on the Portland Trailblazers' preseason roster and God is fulfilling every single promise He made to Seth that day.  God CANNOT be stopped.  His promises are ALWAYS fulfilled and His word NEVER fails.

Seth remarked to me during our little "interview"-- if you can even really call it that.  Honestly, it was just a conversation betwixt friends.  Anyway, he remarked to me that it wouldn't even sound amazing, awe-inspiring, or jaw-dropping to anyone else because God spoke to Him so PERSONALLY through that other people wouldn't understand.  It was BLATANTLY clear to Seth that God knew EVERYTHING Seth had gone through and every thought that Seth had even had.  It was undeniable that God was watching and paying attention to every little detail in Seth's life.  You guys might not understand what I'm talking about so I want to stress this point.  It was UNDENIABLE to Seth.  As in, Seth has 100% certainty.  He doesn't just hope or have faith in it, but he knows it as much as a mathematician knows 2+2=4.

I get exactly what Seth is talking about; it is too hard to explain how crazy it is to be spoken to by God because it is such a PERSONAL experience.  God isn't speaking to the prophet, he is speaking to the people or person the prophet is speaking to, if that makes sense.  I'm sure none of this stuff this guest speaker was saying edified or benefited himself at all.  In fact, it probably didn't make any sense to him, but it spoke DIRECTLY to Seth Tarver, because that is who GOD was speaking to.  If you haven't experienced something like this ever in your time with God, just ask Him for it, and He will give it to you.  If you want Him to speak directly to you, just open your heart, open your ears, and listen.  If you don't hear anything, ask God to send someone else to you to PROVE Himself to you.  God is so full of grace it's ridiculous.  When he says, "ask and you shall receive," He means it.

If you don't know God at all and want someone to talk to or run things by or whatever, just hit me up.  That's all I got for now, so until next time...PEACE!

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