Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Knowing Isn't Enough

So this is a phrase God has been telling me and/or reminding me of on a constant basis lately: "knowing is not enough."  Basically, just knowing what is right is not enough; knowing who God is is not enough; knowing God's will is not enough.  OBEDIENCE is a big deal.

There are plenty of times when a situation will rise up and I know what to do or how to act in order to be in accordance with God's will and in order to please Him......yet, all the time I decide NOT to do it.

Here is the bigger issue of what I'm talking about though.  God will give me a vision or a prophetic dream for someone or about something and I will KNOW it is from God, but knowing is not enough.  I often times will even have an immediate interpretation for said vision or dream and know it's purpose and meaning, but knowing is not enough.  Most of the time, the visions I get are not for myself but for others.  I will know what they mean, but I'll be too much of a 'fraidy cat to tell the person.  I either am afraid of being wrong about whatever God has told me, or I'm afraid the person won't accept it because they don't know me well and I might just come across as some psycho, crazy weirdo (a very handsome psycho, crazy weirdo...but a psycho, crazy weirdo nonetheless).

Anyway, I'ma keep this one short cuz I have food in the oven that I'm bout to get down on, but I'll end with this.  Understanding the mysteries of God is not something to be taken lightly.  Receiving revelation from God is a true gift and He doesn't make us aware of these special things just so that we can know them.  He makes us aware of these things so that we will use them and act upon them.

Jesus didn't tell us that we would do greater things than even He did during His time on earth so that we would NOT do them.  He told us so that by knowing, we would then have the faith to actually accomplish those things.  So, if you're like me, then let's change things up and start making some moves instead of bragging about how much we KNOW.  Knowledge is worthless without wisdom.  And wisdom says action speaks louder than words.

Much love and peace.

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