Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I started writing out this long thing how I haven't blogged for a while and blah blah blah, but I just deleted it cuz I realized that no one really cares why I've been gone.  The point is I'm back and ready to keep it real in the blog world again.  So here we go....Angels.

I've always been fascinated with angels and angelic things.  Just recently, a big thing that I've been talkin about with some of my Godly brothas in crime is angels.  Also, I have been reading and talkin with God even more about them.  I tell God to say what's up to my guardian angel for me and let him know that I appreciate all that stuff he does for me, even though I literally haven't seen a single thing that he's done.  I trust that he's puttin in work for me though.  If anyone has seen the movie Surf Ninjas then you will get this reference, if not, then you REALLY gotta go see this movie cuz its classic and Keno from Ninja Turtles is in it, and so is Rob Schneider.  Anyway, I like to think of my guardian angel as Zach, sent to protect me, while I am just doin my thing.  He is a way better fighter and he is sent to protect me until I recognize my true identity as a prince.  Now that I am actually typing this out, I am starting to realize just how dead on this analogy is!  Wow, it's kinda ridiculous.

For those that haven't seen the movie, I'll lay it out as simply as I can.  It's like this: I'm a prince but didn't realize it because I was separated from my father, the true King.  My father sent one of his subjects (angels) to come protect me from the enemy until I realized my full potential and identity as a warrior prince.  Then when I stepped into my identity as a prince/king, I became far more powerful than even that mighty angel assigned to protect me.  Now that angel becomes my servant, still ready to serve and protect me at all costs.

Sorry, but did you know that we are all princes and princesses in the kingdom of heaven!!????  Do you know how TIGHT that is???  Those aren't just words or empty titles, it's REAL.

ANYWAY, the main point that I have been getting hit with is that we, as Spirit-filled believers, are more powerful than even the mightiest angels of heaven.  The Bible says that angels are simply "ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation" (Hebrews 1:14).  If you keep reading in Hebrews, it talks more about this.  It basically goes like this, man was made lesser than the angels, but was crowned with honor and glory.  God gave us dominion over the earth, and I have a theory that perhaps part of Satan's rebellion was because of his jealousy of humanity.  DO NOT get it twisted, this is just a theory of mine.  It is not for sure the truth.  We were made in God's image, and Satan, even with all his beauty, was jealous that though we were lesser than him and all the other species of angels (yeah....there are different species and types of angels like seraphim, cherubim, archangels, freaky-looking angels with 6 wings and eyes plastered over their entire bodies that roll around on wheels and such, and beautiful majestic angels also), God decided to create US in HIS image and favor us over His angels.  I can attest that is one of the reasons the devil hates us all so much, because every time he looks at you, he sees God.....and that fool HATES God, therefore he hates us.

There was this one specific instance where God showed me tangibly that I carry more authority in this world than His angels do.  I won't go too deep into detail, but I was speaking with this woman who could see into the spirit (as in see angels and demons with her physical eyes) and had been able to since birth.  She knew that I was a man of God and she was being troubled by this one demon.....OK, I'll be blunt, "troubled" is putting it lightly.  It was more like she was being tormented, and she was freaked out and telling me all about it.  With all the stuff she was telling me, I was getting pissed off.  I was seriously furious.  Some freaky stuff went down, but in a nutshell, I asked God, "will you send one of your biggest baddest angels to go take care of this demon RIGHT NOW because it has no authority to be doing what it's doing to your daughter right now?"  Then God immediately responded with a very clear and definitive, "No."  And I was taken aback a little bit and started to question Him and started saying something back, but then He cut me off and said, "I sent YOU."

That hit me pretty freakin hard.  I was like, "whoa."  God had chosen ME to cast this demon out.  He wanted ME to carry out His will.  He wanted ME to be His ambassador and his vessel.  Once again, I won't get into the whole details of what went down, you can ask me personally if you wanna know, but I basically started just speaking directly to this demon sternly with my words inspired by the Holy Spirit. I gave it orders to leave and other specific things, and then it had to do everything I said.  It was really really mad about it too.  Then right after I was done speaking, I released it and it stormed off in a rage.  Then I started thanking and praising God and He chimed in with a, "Braeden, don't you understand that you are more powerful than my angels?"  At the time I DID NOT know that, but now I certainly do.

I think a great characterization of our relationship as men and women to angels can be seen in the Chronicles of Narnia movies or books.  Although I thought my Surf Ninjas reference was pretty on-the-money, I know most people haven't seen that movie (even though it's an absolute classic).  Therefore, the Chronicles of Narnia would probably serve as a better example.  They travel into Narnia, where there are all these big, monstrous, mighty creatures who all seem way more powerful than them because they are just lowly humans.  Yet still, these strong minotaurs and centaurs and talking animals and stuff bow down to them and are in awe of them and in service to them.  They don't get it at first because they think they are just lowly guys and girls.  As they meet up with Aslan (Jesus) though and start to recognize who they are through Him, they become aware of their TRUE identities and step into their potential as princes and princesses of the whole kingdom.  Soon, they are the most powerful warriors on the battlefield, even above all the minotaurs and other mighty creatures (angels).  It is EXACTLY how it is for us.

Let's not grow conceited or cocky about this though.  Cuz in all realness, we were made weaker than the angels.  They are greater than us in every single way except for one.  We have the Holy Spirit living in us, and they do not.  We bear the very image of God.  We are nothing without the blood of the Lamb and the power of His Holy Spirit sent as a gift to empower us and to be a "deposit guaranteeing our inheritance" (2 Corinthians 1:22, Ephesians 1:14).  So REMEMBER that all the glory goes to God our Father and His Son Jesus, our champion, savior, redeemer, and king.

I am laying in bed right now and am about to pass out, soooo......that's all I got for now.  Until next time, PEACE and LOVE!

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