Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why I Serve God

I was talking with a relatively new friend (who is not a Christian) about God the other day and about what I believe.  They asked me why I believe in God and I told them that it was more than just "belief" but that I actually KNOW God and I told them that I believed because it is the TRUTH.  I don't simply believe because it is good or it is the best way for me to live life or because my faith makes me feel good or whatever.  I follow God because I KNOW Him.

I am fortunate enough and BLESSED enough to have had undeniable, radically life-changing encounters with God of which I am aware that most people have not had.  God decided to reveal Himself to me and from that point on, I know I would be living a lie if I lived ANY other way.  I follow God because I HAVE to....because I KNOW Jehova (God the Father) is THEE SOVEREIGN God.  There are plenty of other "gods," but He is Almighty.  I FEAR Him.  That is why I follow Him.

You know what the most incredible thing is that not only do I HAVE to follow God and serve Him.....but I am GLAD TO!!!  I LOVE it!  I consider it a duty to serve God strictly out of fear and reverence, BUT even MORE IMPORTANTLY I see it as a remarkable privilege!!! He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good.  Thank you Lord for being who you are!  And I'm not just tryin to be a pushover or suck-up to God right here.  I really do mean it.  I have some pretty freakin' incredible, loyal, trustworthy, funny, intelligent, loving friends........but their personalities and character all suck compared to God's.  No joke.  Think of your best friend....right now.  The one person who you trust the most who would be your maid of honor or your best man in your wedding.  Now multiply their goodness by at least 3.2 billion and you still end up with only a fraction of God's goodness.

I don't feel like I'm getting my point across well enough....It's like this: I have to serve God because He is my master.....but even if I didn't HAVE to serve Him, I would have CHOSEN to serve Him anyway!  His goodness, His love, His character is too enticing for me to reject.  He CREATED me, SAVED me when I was sinning against Him, and consistently blesses me beyond what I deserve.  His grace is truly amazing and so mysterious.

There are many things about the Gospel that I wish were different.  I'm not afraid to admit that at all.  Shoot, I'll even tell God that all the time.  I have to be real with Him.  There are some things about His ways that I do not like.  For instance, I wish that everybody was going to heaven.  I wish that I could sin with no repercussions.  I wish that I would never have to suffer for Christ.  I wish God would have never cast Satan to the earth.  I wish my human nature wasn't so carnal.  I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, and so on and so on...MY POINT IS....I don't follow God ONLY because I want things to be the way He says....I follow God because I have found that every word from His Holy Word is true and every word from His Holy Spirit is true as well.

Thankfully for us, the Gospel is not only TRUE, but it is so so so so SOOOO good.  Praise the freakin' LORD for that!

Sometimes the truth hurts ladies and gentleman.....BUT I guarantee you it will set you free.

If you have any questions about God or Jesus or Christianity or the Bible or anything....PLEASEEEEE ask me and I would love to talk about it.....even if you totally disagree with what I'm saying :).  Anyway.....that's all I got for now, so until next time......PEACE!!!


  1. Haha... I like how you slipped in the "taller/baller" line...