Wednesday, January 11, 2017

In Defense of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is, of course, an extremely divisive figure.  Most people either love him or hate him.  There isn't much middle ground with him.

This is certainly not popular to say, but I am actually glad that he won the presidency over Hillary Clinton.  I didn't vote for Trump.  I don't think he will be an overall good president.  He is in my estimation an authoritarian with a very large, and very fragile ego.  I could make a whole post about all the things I hate about Trump, but that's not the point this particular blog entry.

Rather, in this post, I want to give a simple list of POSITIVE things I see about Trump.  For the sake of brevity, I will not be going into great detail explaining each bullet point, but I'd be happy to answer and questions anyone may have.

-He shattered the dynasties of both the Clinton and Bush crime families in one election

-He has a far less aggressive foreign policy than previous presidents and does not believe in regime change (he is no "non-interventionist" by any means, but at least he doesn't want to shoot down Russian planes in Syria)

-He is breaking the back of the corrupt establishment of both parties, as well as the complicit and irrational propaganda machine that is our current media elite

-John McCain hates him (in fact, most of the shadow cabal of warmongers and elitists hate him, which in my estimation is a good sign)

-He is not as beholden to lobbyists or wealthy donors

-He is intentionally aggressive AGAINST political correctness

-He has met with a number of admirable consultants for advice, including Hawaiian Representative Tulsi Gabbard (specifically about ending the CIA's illegal secret wars and terrorist funding) and Judge Andrew Napolitano (about Supreme Court picks as well as other things)

-He has a strong distrust of the Federal Reserve and is at the very least in support of doing a full audit

-He is against globalism

-He may actually repair our relationship with Russia and with Vladimir Putin (note: for all those reading who just instantly assume this is a bad thing because Vladmir Putin is a murderer, war criminal, thug, dictator, etc....I recommend at least TRYING to get the other side of the story and having a balanced approach before coming to conclusions on these things....I plan on making a post about Vladimir Putin and Russia in the near future to elaborate on these things more)

-As a successful business operator, he has some understanding as at least some understanding as to how government intrusion into the free market destroys businesses, jobs, wages, investments, savings, etc....

-He is against the war on drugs

-He has a healthy skepticism of global organizations like the UN and NATO (he has even gone as far as to imply dropping out of NATO)

-He is against the TPP

There may be a few other things, but, like I said, I don't particularly like Trump that much.  My list of dislikes would certainly be much longer, but I'll at least give credit where credit is due.